• Junior Golf Lessons & Clinics

Private Golf Lessons for Juniors

At ScorZone Golf Academy, our objective is to give you a personalized and tailored golf improvement program as opposed to just golf lessons.  This personalized improvement program at its core, is a system of measuring and allowing for recognition of patterns, allowing for a more direct analysis of the golf swing. A systematic approach makes learning easier, faster, sustainable and far more enjoyable. For your game improvement, several different options for adults and non SGA junior members to systematically improve your full game.

You will learn and apply a 3 fundamental system predicting shot outcome.  You receive swing analysis, game improvement outline, practice accountability, and student locker via our SGA Coach’s Eye App.

Junior Golf Clinics

Give your children a junior golf experience they won’t forget! At SGA Golf Camp juniors will fall in love with golf and see improvement in a short period of time. Each day is packed with fun activities that make becoming a better golfer a fun experience. Juniors will get onto the course every camp day.
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