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Private Golf Lessons for Juniors

At ScorZone Golf , our objective is to give you a personalized and tailored golf improvement program as opposed to just golf lessons.  This personalized improvement program at its core, is a system of measuring and allowing for recognition of patterns, allowing for a more direct analysis of the golf swing. A systematic approach makes learning easier, faster, sustainable and far more enjoyable. For your game improvement, several different options are available to systematically improve your full game with purpose.

You will learn and apply a 3 fundamental system predicting shot outcome.  You receive swing analysis, game improvement outline, and practice accountability.

Junior Prep Program

  • Boys & Girls ages 6 -14
  • Monthly Prep Option comes with private lessons, group practice activity, & use of ScorZoneGolf Indoor Center
  • Various Golf Class Options
  • Learn the Fundamentals to Golf
  • Learn How to Play on the Course

Junior Performance Program

  • Boys & Girls ages 8 – 15
  • 4 private lessons per month
  • Weekly Practice Session
  • Prep for School Golf Team and Level 1 Tournaments
  • 10% off of additional lessons, club fitting, and additional hourly play or practice sessions at ScorZoneGolf Center & Lounge

Junior ELITE Coaching Program

Junior Elite Program is specially designed for the junior golfer in preparation to play college golf. The individual year-round instruction consists of two academy phases which focus on skill training, performance management, college advisement, Level 1-3 tournaments and tournament prep & performance, speed/strength/conditioning, and mental performance training. All-inclusive program with unlimited number of practice sessions and lesson based on what is needed in your training. Program is based on certain requirements and qualifications. Application, assessment, and invitation required.

Member benefits include:

  • Weekly lessons as required/needed
  • 5 Days of Practice Programming
  • College Advisement & Athlete Marketing
  • Level 2&3 Tournament Scheduling
  • Use of High-Performance Technology and coaching applications
  • Unlimited Access to Golf Course and Practice Areas
  • Mental Coaching & Conditioning
  • Dynamic Speed Training & Conditioning
  • Performance & Practice Tracking via Upgame App
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