Scorzone Golf Academy

ScorZone Golf and ScorZone Golf Center & Lounge

6548 Anthony Drive Suite B
Victor, New York 14564

  • 4 Simulator Bays with Launch Monitors

    The ultimate game changer. It’s true – form does follow function. Beyond being the most advanced launch monitor ever created, the GCQuad is also the most beautifully ergonomic. Created from the ground up with the help of an award-winning industrial design team, every curve, color, material, and feature was chosen with performance in mind. Play. Compete. Improve all aspects of your game.

  • 2,000 sf Putting Green

    This is a short game dream. Our indoor putting has a variety of slopes where players can work on short putts, longer lag putts, uphill, downhill and sidehill breakers. Cups are real and students have unlimited access to groove their strokes.

  • National Leading Junior Golf Academy

    Over 700 nationally junior ranked national wins and over 500 junior placed in college golf programs since ScorZoneGolf Academy started. Tour experienced coaches, Caleb Scorsone & AJ McAdam provide an opportunity for juniors to achieve their dreams of extraordinary performance.

  • SAM PUTTLAB Studio

    The SAM PuttStudio combines the market-proven SAM PuttLab with our latest ball tracking & projection technology. In addition to the world’s leading putting analysis the SAM PuttStudio offers an unique training environment for putting: Extensive putt analysis, individual performance profiles for players, tasks and training drills projected onto the surface, optional tilting platforms for feedback guided break putt training, or additional synchronized video feedback – an endless variety of applications make it possible to systematically analyze & improve any relevant putt aspect.

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